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I am a trained product designer, I mostly work in graphics design and used to work in the film business as a scenographer and set decorator.
I created Jackie-Paper as an outlet for my ongoing love affair with patterns and digital collage.
I always loved Calaidoscopes...thats how it all started really. About five or six  years back I thought that I wanted to get whats inside a calaidoscope onto something as a pattern...and it went on from there. Pattern making became something
I aways did between projects to occupy myself. When I started to seriously think about turning it into a full time job, I didn't know about scrapbooking let alone digiscrapping or digicardmaking ...I've come a long way..I'm so happy you're here! And I do hope you like my stuff! Welcome!
The name Jackie Paper comes from the beautifully sad song
Puff the magic Dragon by Peter Yarrow and Leonard Tipton/
performed by Peter, Paul and Mary. It just popped into my head one day, when I was searching for a evocative and sassy girl's name that I could use for this project...
And it kind of stuck, although its neither female nor snappy but remiscient of rather a melancholy farewell to childhood. As I have always felt terribly sorry for poor old Puff, who goes and cries in his cave when Jackie doesn't come back, I hereby declare this the  place where they are united for eternity to play with strings and sealing wax and other fancy stuff. And boy will WE play along! Hiphip- Hooray!