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   General Terms and Conditions

a) The services of Jackie-Paper are carried out on the basis of the following conditions of use. We do not recognise differing conditions from buyers or other customers.
b) All changes and additions as well as subsidiary agreements need to be verified in writing by Jackie-Paper to become valid parts of this agreement..
Jackie Paper is a downloadshop for digital art paper and offers access to its products, services and informations through More detailed information about the products and their formats can be found on the shop-page. All prices are subject to change and non binding.
Conditions of use
a) All Elements of the web page as well as its products are protected by the copyright law.
b) The buyer acquires the right to use the products as follows.
- to use and alter the products for personal use - to publish layouts that make use of the acquired products on non commercial web pages or internet platforms on the condition of tagging these layouts with the copyright annotation: Johanna Sasse/
c) The buyer DOES NOT acquire the right to use the products for commercial projects She/he may NOT
-use the products or parts of them as a basis for her/his own services or products - reproduce the products or parts of them on printed products (gift wrap, fabric, crockery, clothing etc) - use the products or parts of them in the design of professional web pages. - use the products for building a data-base. - share the products with others or pass them on.
d) Jackie-Paper will gladly offer extended conditions of use on request. Please contact .
Conditions of payment/ Procedure
a) The payment for our services happens exclusively online via the offered payment methods on our page. When cashed the download link is automatically activated. Jackie-Paper may cancel any download in the case of problems with the payment procedure or callback.
b) The products are exclusively available as downloads. After successful payment the download link will be available for one day up to five downloads.
a) Jackie-Paper does not guarantee that the downloaded product will conform to customer's expectations of it or that a certain customer aim is achievable by means of it.
b) Faulty Data will be replaced as quickly as possible by Jackie Paper on written notice (email) through the customer. If the subsequent improvement of the data is not possible within an adequate period of time the customer can ask for abatement. The right for recission is reserved for fundamental flaws.
c) Reclamations have to be made within a week of the comleted download of the product at Please send emails to
Severance clause
If any individual stipulations of this agreement are unworkable or prove to be so, then this shall not affect the validity of the other stipulations in this agreement. Subsidiary agreements
There are no subsidiary agreements in addition to these general terms and conditions. Any subsidiary agreements must be added and approved of in written form.
1. The location of the competent court for all legal action in connection with our products and this agreement is Berlin, Germany. This contract is exclusively governed by the laws of the Federal republic of Germany independant of the origin of the customer.